类型: 少儿节目 法国   80年代

主演: 加比·奥里韦拉   金在汉   坎迪斯·欣克尔   Nancy Walker   辛明  

简介: 2020-11-25更新- Based on a novel by Ugo Pirro, Le soldatesse (The Camp Followers; Des filles pour l’armée) is one of the finest films from Italy about war since Roberto Rossellini’s Paisà (1946) nearly twenty years earlier. (The finest between—from France and Italy: Jean-Luc Godard’s 1963 Les carabinièrs, whose script Rossellini co-authored.) The director is Valerio Zurlini, whose Cronaca familiare (Family Diary, 1962), from Vasco Pratolini’s autobiographical novel, is (as I say in my piece about it) the most moving film about brothers I have seen. Le soldatesse, which is almost as trenchant and is less literary, is a more fully realized film. It is from France, West Germany and Yugoslavia as well as Italy.






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